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Welcome to the Holy Monastery of St George located in the Jewish Qtr of the Old City of Jerusalem. We are located 500m from the Holy Sepluchre and Church of the Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. For more information or a tour of our ancient Church, please call or email to arrange a time.


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This beautiful monastery is located south of the Old City of Jerusalem and it is one of the first and ancient monasteries of the Holy Land. In the book “Jerusalem and its monuments”, 1932, of the later Patriarch of Jerusalem Timotheos Themelis of Samios, it is mentioned that this monastery was built by the most pious Empress of Byzantium, Saint Eudokia (437 AD). Throughout the centuries, apart from a monastery, it has also been mentioned to be a rest home, hotel (guest house for pilgrims), holy pilgrimage, or simply an Orthodox Church of Saint George of the Jewish district close to the Tower of David. It has occasionally been a male monastery and then a female one, with nun Thekla Augusta, sister of Emperor Michael III (842 – 867), as the abbess. During the age of the Crusaders (12th century), it was known for its wonderful location among vineyards and for its delicious grapes. This monastery is located east of the Armenian Patriarchate and the church of Saint Jacob of Zevedeus. In

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1877, it was named monastery of Saint George the Jewish because it is located in – what it has been called up to this time – the Jewish quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. Also, at that time, it was a monastery and a station-guest house for pilgrims where all the travelers who walked or rode up towards the Pool and Spring of Siloam could find shelter and rest. The monastery was damaged and ruined many times by conquers, and was restored a multitude of times. The relatively last renovations are those of 1857 and 1948, when it was formed into a place of rest and recovery for the monks of the Most Holy Church of the Resurrection, and those of 2010 and 2011 under Patriarch Theofilos III, and now in 2016 through the donations of pious pilgrims from all over the world. The current abbess of the Monastery, Mother Anna, continues the works with the blessings of our Patriarchate, with the exquisite iconography of the central church installed in 2016.

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